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As we announced a few weeks ago, a new blog site is launching today January 8, 2008. WTAhotties will be devoted the WTA Tour players, the most talented and best-looking sportswomen. They will be the focus of this blog. We will try to bring here their achievements, their lifestyle, their image.

We will have some weekly sections, as the results summary, ranking update, tournament preview and the "Player of the week" award for the most remarkable performance. And you can always have a look at the players profiles and photo galleries.

But tennis is not only about results and we will try to bring the most interesting news about the players, even the latest gossip. "Hot shot" will bring you the best pictures and players photoshoots. "On fire" section will highlight the player of the moment while "Latent heat" will try to discover new talents. Finally "Hot stuff" will include different kind of reports and "Hot topic" will feature questions for discussion.

Because in WTAhotties we think your contribution is as important as ours. We encourage you to leave comments in every topic you feel. You also write this blog.

Welcome, we hope you'll enjoy your visits.

WTAhotties team

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