Hot gossip: Ivanovic and Verdasco, no longer a couple

I know this is not fresh news for most of you, but I didn't find the time to post, so better late than never.
The couple had been dating since 2008 US Open, but they broke up earlier this month, probably during the tournament in Brisbane where both were playing.
You can read more about this break-up here, an article from Women's Tennis Blog, which has made a sensational coverage of this lovestory.


Marija said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)

Anyway, even better they broke up. I'm sorry if the break up had been stressful, but Ana can find a better guy, and I see Fernando is doing very well without his girlfriend.

Juan said...

You're welcome, the truth is that you made a great coverage of this story (as you do with everything related to Jelena and Ana)
And yes, Ana can find a better guy... like me :)